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Dr. Michael Masters

Origin and Intent

Are our UFO Visitors friends or foes? Determining their status as such, largely hinges on the origin and intent of these Travelers.  Where, or when, they come from would be expected to elicit highly variable behaviors stemming from their purpose for traveling to this planet at innumerable points throughout the hominin past. In this talk, we’ll explore some of the models put forth to explain the origins of these Visitors, while examining patterns that emerge across eyewitness accounts, to ascertain what we may glean about their intentions in our times.

1300 N. College Ave.
Tempe, AZ.

May 20, 2023

12 pm - 3 pm
Admission $15

Dr. Michael Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University in Butte, Montana. His current research program centers on hominin evolutionary anatomy, human variation, archaeology, biomedicine, and investigating the UFO phenomenon. Regarding the latter, in 2019 he published Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, which examines the premise that UFOs and ‘Aliens’ may be our human descendants, returning from the future to visit and study their own hominin evolutionary past.

In 2022 he published The Extratempestrial Model, which analyzes well-documented cases of abduction and other contact modalities in the context of this time-travel hypothesis, and other theories put forth to elucidate this complex and mysterious phenomenon.

His forthcoming 2023 book, Revelation: The Future Human Past, again focuses on UFOs in the framework of this Extratempestrial Model, but in the format of a satirical time travel science fiction novel.

Phoenix MUFON on May 20th, 2023. Join us!!

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Dr. Michael Masters

May 20, 2023

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