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October 27, 2018
12 pm - 3 pm

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Marc D'Antonio

October 27, 2018


Marc D'Antonio is MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst. He holds a degree in Astronomy and is CEO of
FX Models, a company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry.

Mr. D’Antonio has appeared on a number of TV networks including programs on CNN, The Discovery Channel, The SyFy Channel, History Channel and Natinoal Geographic and again on numerous science and UFO documentaries. He specializes in the study of Exoplanets - (an extrasolar planet outside the Sun's solar system). He can be seen on various networks and TV Series discussing science and extraterrestrial life, or speaking at conferences around the country on the same topic. Currently he is creating remote UFO hunting systems with a team of top scientists to find all the answers.

Marc will be a guest speaker and FI instructor at our MUFON Field Investigators Boot Camp first weekend of November 2018.


Marc D'Antonio Bio - Internationl UFO Congress




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