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March 23, 2019
12 pm - 3 pm

Admission $15


Thom Reed

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It’s 1966, and 6-year-old Thomas Reed is in his bedroom on his family’s horse farm in the Berkshires when the encounters begin! A series of continuing events occur over the next couple of years. Then one night two years later, the family is driving on Route 7 when they see strange lights in the sky. Their car stalls, Thomas and his brother, mother and grandmother find themselves in a giant room. He is brought to meet two strange, odd figures, then placed in some sort of cage. Next thing, he’s back near the car.

Thom Reed has told these stories many times, and it has not always gone well. But recently, his tale had found recognition in an unlikely place. The Great Barrington Historical Society & Museumhas formally inducted the UFO story. The historical society believes it is the first time a “mainstream” historical society or museum in the United States has declared a UFO encounter to be historical FACT. 

Join us as Thom Reed recounts the life changing events of how and why a UFO abduction case created such an impact on this community, infact on the entire world. Reed states "Don't call this this just another abduction story".


Officially Inducted Into U.S. History

The Reed UFO Incident made headlines in 2015 when it became the Nation’s first UFO encounter to be officially inducted into the archives of the United States, as "Historically Significant and True". With its admission and two (2) State Citations by Massachusetts Governor, Charles D. Barker, Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito, and the Massachusetts Historical Society.















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