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Phoenix MUFON meetings are on-hold until August 22, at which time we HOPE to host Jim Vieira at the Arizona Historical Society Museum.  The Governor's orders will not allow us to have more than 50 people attending public gatherings at our venue.  Thank you for your patience during this holding period.  We will send out a meeting notice and update this page as soon as we have the go-ahead from the venue.

On behalf of the entire Phoenix MUFON staff,
stay healthy and keep the fire burning.

Stacey Wright
Arizona State Director


1300 N. College Ave.
Tempe, AZ.

12 pm - 3 pm


Admission $15

UAPs: A Beginner's Guide to Researching UFOs

with Shane Hurd


MUFON 2020 Annual Symposium











2020 Speakers Schedule




June 27, 2020




July 25, 2020



Jim Vieira

August 22, 2020



Grant Cameron

September 19, 2020

Linda Moulton Howe

October 17, 2020


Travis Walton

November 14, 2020



Chris Bledsoe

December 5, 2020




David Marler

January 23. 2021




Michael Schratt

February 27, 2020


Paul Hynek

March 20, 2021






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