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July 21, 2018
12 pm - 3 pm

Admission $15

Don Booty
July 21, 2018

Lecture Topic and Speaker Biography:

‘Three and Half Men and the GHOST UFOs’ (Part ONE)

You think you know the story and facts of the first UFO case – it’s among the most famous – but you probably don’t. (Neither do some UFO researchers.) And if you’ve heard about the second case, you probably don’t know that much about it either. Yet these two sightings in the summer of 1947 are among the foundation events at the beginning ‘The Modern UFO Era’.

Kenneth Arnold’s sighting electrified the nation, quickly popularized by the American press as “flying saucers”. Less than two weeks later, the compelling photographic evidence of the other sighting in Phoenix, AZ caught the attention of the U.S. military, and immediately drew comparisons to Arnold’s initial drawings and descriptions.

Yet over 70 years on, no satisfactory explanation has emerged for what either man saw. And so “these two best-attested, entirely independent cases” as J. Allen Hynek called them in 1949 seem increasingly isolated and remote from more recent events of the UFO phenomenon.

In search of an explanation, Donald Booty, Jr. will present a ‘forensic design analysis’ of these and other supporting cases from the early UFO era, “reverse designing” towards a single shape solution that matches all the various craft shapes described in the photographs, drawings and imagery of each man’s words – integrating his skills as an industrial designer with seven years of intensive research into these cases.

‘Three and Half Men and the GHOST UFOs’ is a story about four men, their Ghosts – and ours

Donald Booty Jr. is an industrial designer who helps manufacturers and inventors develop the aesthetic, ergonomic, functional and user interface considerations for products of all kinds. His work in the field spans 35 years and involves consumer products, electronics, commercial lighting and high-tech equipment – with peer recognition including two IDEAs (Industrial Design Excellence Awards), numerous GOOD DESIGN and other international awards, and inclusion in several design exhibitions and retrospectives.

His work has appeared in People, BusinessWeek and Industrial Design magazines, and hard cover publications including “The Look of the Century”, “Landmark Designs of the 20th Century” and “New & Notable Product Design”. He has received several utility patents.

His other interests include history, science – and a lifelong fascination with ufology.





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